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We at KFintech, aim to deliver services & support through years of experience in Transfer Agent-Share and Agency Services.


Transfer & Maintenance

  • Registration
  • Change in Ownership
  • Audits & Due Diligence
  • Account Updating
  • Drip Enrolment
  • Certificate Replacement
  • Corporate Actions

  • M & A
  • Reorganization
  • Stock Transfers
  • Sale
  • Reissue Services
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan

  • Share Transfers
  • Share Buying/Selling
  • Account Management

    Register, maintain and manage records of shareholder’s for the client.
    Providing distributions or dividends, including automatic share investments by enrolling.
    Respond and manage shareholder inquiries and correspondence including sending: Proxy materials > Statements with details of holdings/transactions.
    Bankruptcy and Liquidation – Providing the bankrupt or administrator shareholder details in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation.
    Distribute tax information to shareholder – Tax forms, including W-9, W-8BEN, 1099- DIV and 1099-B
    Servicing accounts for Deceased Estates, Guardianship and Power of Attorney.
    Corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs.
    Online account access, employee equity compensation services.
    Annual meeting services – Proxy.
    Enchantments and lost shareholder services.
    Direct stock purchase/dividend reinvestment plan.