We at KFintech, aim to deliver services & support through years of experience in Transfer Agent-Share and Agency Services.

Core services:

  • Register, maintain and manage records of shareholder’s for the client.
  • Providing distributions or dividends, including automatic share investments by enrolling.
  • Respond and manage shareholder inquiries and correspondence including sending:
    > Proxy materials > Statements with details of holdings/transactions.
  • Distribute tax information to shareholder - Tax forms, including W-9, W-8BEN, 1099- DIV and 1099-B
  • Annual meeting services - Proxy.
  • Direct stock purchase/dividend reinvestment plan.
  • Enchantments and lost shareholder services.
  • Corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs.
  • Online account access, employee equity compensation services.
  • Bankruptcy and Liquidation – Providing the bankrupt or administrator shareholder details in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation.
  • Servicing accounts for Deceased Estates / Guardianship/Power of Attorney.
  • Strong Process governance and robust training programs, in house certified trainers.
  • Proven industry best practices imbibe in our culture.
  • Rich expertise, business contextual knowledge in Transfer agency business.
  • Y-O-Y Productivity benefits.
  • Process Re-engineering, cost benefit to client organization.
  • Robust compliance policy, safeguarding customer data, 100% compliant on infosec audits.

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