With the involvement of advanced technological platforms, LPO firms have started handling high-end critical legal work which also offer them higher margins. Previously, most of the legal work outsourced to India included back-end processing.

At KFintech we commit to the basic and fundamental advantage we wish to provide our clients on these lines.

  • LPO service categories
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Patent search and application drafting
  • IPR portfolio management
  • Trademark and copyright registration and protection
  • Legal research
  • Online research over west law
  • Covering specific industries and subjects
  • Information business research
  • Other services
  • Commercial contracting and administration
  • Document review and analysis
  • Contract due diligence
  • Paralegals services
  • Legal transcription
  • Litigation support
  • Legal coding
  • Legal memo development
  • Administrative support services
  • Data extraction and entry
  • Billing services
  • Document management
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Online Legal Research
  • IP Investigation
  • Patent Processing
  • Document Processing
  • Data Entry, List Management

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