About Mortgage Services

With our Mortgage Sourcing Services, we at KFintech, aim to deliver services & support across spectrum – Servicing – Curative – Default – Real estate management for all kinds of Mortgage Loans including home and commercial properties and portfolios. Our current team and talent pool enables us to support a complete life cycle management of the asset and portfolio under one customer – facing leadership. KFintech has the ability to handle the day-to-day functions for all types of primary and secondary mortgage products and the dependent requirements thereof, along with enabled functions to support processes, transactions and reporting associated with servicing and customer support.


Servicing Loan Onboarding & Admin Activities

  • Loan Boarding
  • New Loan Audit (Post Board scrub)
  • Early Payment Default Audit
  • Customer Fulfilment (Email Management)
  • Customer Resolution – Customer Loan research
  • Customer Service
  • Escrow Analysis

Servicing Default Administration

  • Loan Modification
  • Foreclosure Processing
  • Foreclosure Repayment Plan
  • Bankruptcy Processing
  • REO Property Preservation Solutions
  • Default Management
  • Loss Mitigation

Servicing Account Management

  • Hazard Insurance Tracking
  • Lien Releases
  • Cashiering
  • Default Loan setup
  • ARM Audit (ARM Maintenance & Index Validation)
  • Payoff Request Processing
  • Escrow Processing (Escrow Administration)
  • Tax Processing
  • Data Entry & Indexing


  • Indexing
  • 1003 Processing
  • Third Party Services
    • Credit Reporting
    • Hazard Insurance
    • Title Insurance
    • Appraisal
    • Flood Insurance
  • Preparing File for UW


  • Create Loan Package
  • Closing Package Audit
  • Pre-Funding Review
  • Reorder and Review Credit Report and Final VOE


  • MERS Registration
  • Post-Closing Audit
  • Loan Due Diligence

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Setup And Payment
Third-Party Communication
Escrow Services And Collections
Default Management Refinance
Loan Modification And Maintenance
Decision Underwriting Audit And Compliance
Application Processing
Short Sale / Reinstatement / Payoff
Default And Curative Processes
Bankruptcy / Foreclosure Review
Mortgage Insurance Claims
Customer Service And Support
Title Services
Vendor Management
Document Verification
Underwriting Quality Control
REO And Post-Sale Support