The KFintech Group is a highly diversified conglomerate established in 1983 and headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Its businesses straddle the entire financial services spectrum besides data management services, data analytics, market research, ecommerce solutions, BPO/ KPO services and alternate energy.

The KFintech Group is the largest registry and investor services company in India, while KFintech is the largest one of its kind in the world. Between them, the two companies are estimated to hold over 60% market share and provide services to millions of investors across the world, with clients across every conceivable sector, including financial services, banking, insurance, telecom, technology, pharmaceuticals, engineering, oil & gas, FMCG, energy and infrastructure. Most of the top Fortune 500 companies are serviced by the two companies in some capacity.

KFintech Global Business Services is based in the United States, with offices in New York and the West Coast. We provide highly differentiated and measurable solutions to make your business truly competitive, by removing imponderables and freeing you to focus on the larger, more substantive business goals. Cost and value optimization, process efficiencies, domain knowledge, quality standards, business continuity are all par for the course, and we are well equipped to substantially transform your business. Just get in touch.


A good partner can deliver certainty of achievement, develop your intuition, facilitate your vision, and instigate and encourage you to take your business forward. With KFintech, you can be assured of a partner that offers you all this and more. We seek to meet your every business requirement and ensure you have the tools necessary to master your challenges. Ours is a commitment that assures you success.


We aim for a symbiotic relationship with clients, and ensure systematic, priority-based allocation of time and resources among competing demands. We consider "Time budgeting" and "Time management" as the bedrocks of our administrative and business management processes. We provide clients support on clearly specified targets that allow planning with daily time-limits and include innovative measures to meet their business requisites.


We offer prompt services and solutions that help you take market swings in stride. Through our offerings, we facilitate business development that enhances profit margins while minimizing risk and maximizing success.


An alliance with our associates or partners leads to outstanding results. As your global authority and advisor, our role will be to understand your goals, develop superior solutions and put in place the most-productive master strategy for you. You will always have the liberty to advocate your own business, estimates and evaluations, and stipulate your process requirements since our procedures are accessible and transparent, and are developed with your convenience in mind.

In addition, we assure you up-to-date tools and techniques and efficient modern centers for your benefit. This increases your business potential while minimizing your risks, giving you a competitive advantage.


KFintech understands that our success is underpinned by our stakeholders. We are committed to strengthening the symbiotic relationship we share with our stakeholders by being a responsible corporate citizen and adopting environmentally-friendly processes.

Our three pillars of sustainability:

Minimum Carbon Footprint: With over 4,000 employees, we understand that our infrastructure, facilities and stakeholders have a considerable impact on society and the environment. We aim to run our operations with a minimal carbon footprint, by adopting environmental sustainability measures and green initiatives.

CSR Initiatives: KFintech believes that an organization shares a high level of interdependency with its community. We strive to become an asset in our communities through a range of CSR activities across areas such as education, health, environment etc.

Service Delivery: We provide next-generation sustainability services to our customers by integrating environmental sustainability measures in our business strategies and implementing the same in our value chain.

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